from the center, spirit guided paths

Oracle Deck

36 Cards 

Journal + Booklet


$33 :: Booklet & Cards only 

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Over the last few years, I have been on a magical and mystical journey.  I’ve met worldly people, explored spiritual places, and opened my soul to new art, that I didn’t know was inside of me, waiting to be expressed!

In early December 2018, I participated in a meditation held by my friend, BobbyLight! He is the caretaker of some very mystical beings who inhabit Crystal Skulls!

I got to know BobbyLight and the Crystal Skulls better, when we traveled to Santa Fe, NM the spring of 2017. We converged on an amazing sculpture garden known as Stardreaming.  It’s worth googling!

As I was getting ready to attend the meditation, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my new book and oracle deck of cards designed with my art.

WELL! The cards were a hit! I watched each person pick a card, examine it,  smile or chuckle about the content.  Afterwards, each participant shared it with their friends and the group, commenting on how it was the perfect one for them.

It made sense to “gift the card” they had chosen.  I enjoy doing things like this. Since then, I have shared the deck with other groups with similar results! 

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from the center, spirit guided paths

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