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Tuning In :: Channeled Messages

A & A Blessings with Spirit

* Essential Oils & Holy Water




In the Summer of 2016, while attending a craniosacral therapy training,

I took a leap of faith and accepted the mantle from Source.

Tuning In for Channeled Messages is a form of guided meditation,

I receive from my spirit-guided Spectrum Team of Light.

I AM Guided using intuition, knowing, and in counsel with Mary.


We are offering 3 options, to deepen your experience and relationship with the new art in your life.

The first is to receive a channeled message of the New Art’s Origin.

The second is to have your New Art receive a blessing of Attunement and Alignment.

The third, is to receive both a message and the blessing.

If you are local to PA, or live in a state that touches the state line of PA, the art can be delivered

and whatever option you choose, can be completed on location.


Option 1 :: Tuning In :: Channeled Messages

Option 2 :: A & A Blessing (Essential Oils, Holy Water)

Option 3 :: Both 1 + 2 Options


Travel rates apply over 25 miles