#1 Paint to Peace



Per Person

Take Home Art

Perfect for Events, Expos, Celebrations




Paint To Peace is designed to hold space for the SOUL’s VOICE to be expressed as safe feelings and ideas.

This gathering can be experienced as

    • The COMMUNITY (2 or more)
    • The JOURNEY as a sacred vision for One

Paint To Peace is a great activity to add to One or multiple day retreats, celebrations, and expos. Invitations Welcome!

Listed below are some of the benefits of creating art as a community:

                • fostering inclusion
                • all generations welcome
                • family-friendly
                • whole brain innovative practices
                • bright & safe ‘artist-quality’ acrylic paints
                • blends gentle movement with breathing
                • adaptable & flexible for life’s events
                • supports spiritual journeys (Soul Walking)
                • beginners welcome
                • spontaneous smiling and giggling may occur