Blessings from The Path :|:

Elisa’s artwork is alive, created out of a deep rhythm and harmony with the life forces of nature and our universe. Elisa embodies ancient wisdom and alchemy through her work and as a result brings the connection and spirit of creation to all who interact with her pieces.
I am so so happy with the print of Flow
She brings her deep song across the oceans to my home and her Ancestral rhythms to the land here
A great gift
Sue Jones


“Elisa has truly found her purpose as an artist. She is powerful in her expression. Anyone can count themselves lucky to own any part of her creation. “​
Renate Novak

Personal Growth Facilitator, Personal Growth Facilitation

Since meeting Elisa, she has listened to me, and taught me to listen to my inner voices. My art has gone in an entirely new direction now, that I’m really happy with! Her art inspires me, and SHE inspires me!
Barrie Stark

Artist, Barrie Stark Art

“I recommend Elisa mainly for one important reason. She understands that what most people consider “impossible” or at best, seriously challenging…….is but a reflection of our inner world. She has the courage and wisdom to approach solutions with that extraordinary insight.”
Barry Mack

Artist, Barry Mack Art

Dearest Goddess Elisa,

It was a delicious experience working with you this year. I’ve been following and loving your inspiring growth and expansion. Much love!

Pauline Yeats

Creative Social Entrepreneur, Designer, The Star Zone

Seeing Elisa’s beautiful spirit shine through in her paintings makes my heart happy 💖
Caitlyn Adams

Healer, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Yogi, Energy Healing with Caitlyn

Elisa is one of the most talented artists I know. Her unique talent and creativity is evident in each piece of artwork she creates!
Lisa Fry

Director of Sales, Core Financial Outsourcing Inc

We hired Elisa to do a “hands on” paint event at my home. It’s kind of called hand painting and there is a reason for what you paint and how. It was a fun event. So if you’re looking for a different kind of activity, I recommend you give Elisa a try. She’s a sweet person to work with besides.
Gloria Walker

Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay

The class is a fun way to connect with yourself and your creativity and artistry. I left the experience in balance with myself, very light and clear! It was a beautiful and peaceful experience! A very individual experience too! Loved it!!
Suzanne Walski, DVM

Wellness Veterinarian, Meadowbrook Animal Healing


In the spring of 2019, the deck of Oracle Cards was featured in an online blog with “AWAKEN Center For Human Development”

Read it!

Art Walk @ Doylestown Hospital PA

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