A series of 13 paintings created by pouring acrylic paint into my non dominant hand and touching a blank canvas.

The practitioner had been studying the survival family archetypes of Carolyn Myss, a medical medium, and created this workshop where we meditated and painted.

We meditated with 4 archetypes from the survival family list which included : the prostitute, the saboteur, the wounded child, and the victim.

In 2015, I self-published the journey of this amazing healing period in my life. The book, Sacred Heart : : Soul Art won the 2016 New Apple Book Awards for New Age/ Mind Body Spirit.

All images are available as PRINTS and as marked as an Original. Three originals have found their forever homes! (#6, #12, #13)

For purchasing the originals or POD, please use the contact page.  The booklet, is available HERE



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