About Elisa A Maggio

As far back as I can remember, art was the doorway into my imagination. Poetry and paint, the keys to healing. And the brilliance of the Rainbow to guide the way.  

In the 1960’s, I was raised in a community with honeysuckle & hyacinth bushes abundantly spread over lush green grasses. I spent a great deal of time hidden away under boughs of evergreens or sitting on the soil of my mother’s gardens playing with the snapdragons.


Throughout my youth and into my adult years, I was extremely fortunate to have an amazing guardian angel on Earth!

My paternal grandmother, Ann, the name that embodies my middle initial; was soft spoken, yet firm in her beliefs, especially after raising three boys.  She was tall and stylish, an avid crafter, letter writer, and collector of clown figurines.

Through her love and support, I found my way “home” –

  • to experience the benefits of solitude from an overactive mind,
  • to turn things over to a higher power when triggered by traumas and
  • the benefits of allowing life to unfold with grace and ease

Blessings From the Path With Grandma Maggio

In 2005, after living in New Mexico for 7.5 years, I participated in a women’s workshop. The practitioner combined meditation, the archetypal messages of Medical Medium Carolyn Myss, and an art technique.

Summoning the traumatic memories of my youth, I poured paint into my non-dominant hand to shine a light on the truth, 39 years in the making. 

After encouragement from a friend, I self-published a book in 2015 about the experiences, that won the 2016 New Apple Literary Book Award for New Age / Mind-Body-Spirit.

(one) of the most significant things

I’ve learned about my journey

as a soul artist practitioner

the medicine I carry within

can help others . : . find a safe way

In the spring of 2019, after completing The Goddess Within Series, I was guided to collaborate with Caitlyn Adams, a sound healing practitioner. 

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