Welcome To The Sanctuary

I Am Elisa Ann Maggio, Artist Practitioner and Channeler who accepts the inherent guidance from within and blends it with the colors of the rainbow, to immerse into the abstract expressionism. I use a variety of art mediums which include acrylic paints, porcelain clay, natural objects from our earth, and sacred geometry channeled through messages.

I love making art with Intention. It comes from the divine heart within and the knowing that only art heals the deepest part of us that modern medicine cannot touch.

The Art I AM co-creating represents the Seeds Of Light awakening, casting a brilliant light on the wholeness within. Incorporating the sacred geometry of Labyrinth, the path that lays ahead are filled with opportunities like a thread that weaves through many faiths, a global message of stay the course, trust the wisdom that arises, and lead with love

I invite you to join me in the Stillness to experience creation from a non-linear point of view; offering abundant opportunities to follow the ebb and flow of important and life changing, creative breakthroughs.

Welcome to the SEEDS OF LIGHT !

Sol Walking

Unwinding To Wholeness

My Process

My current way to create art is through daily introspective journeying. I begin my day in silent meditation, using the breath of my body to relax my mind. As the rainbow consciousness of no human body or mind, I’m aware of myself as energy as if I have become a warm pool of light. Resonating in this open space, I AM guided to Source where messages await transmission.

Exploring the colors of my soul continues to be a rite of passage, providing messages of healing and the guidance to continue.

With the eight colors of the rainbow as my guide, I found a new way to express my feelings and emotions.

Binaural sounds, like the Solfeggio Tones, support my autonomic nervous system while I create.

Until next time,


Soul Artist Channeler

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