welcome to our creative sanctuary

There is something really unique about co-creating art with your higher self. It comes from the divine heart within and the knowing that only art heals the deepest part of us that modern medicine cannot touch.

Hello, my name is Elisa Maggio. I am an Artist, Wellness Practitioner, Channel, Master Teacher, Rainbow Sol Star, and Labyrinth Facilitator, who utilizes the healing therapies of Touch and Art, “to hold space” as WE, the energies of this earth, remember our Wholeness.  The Art WE are co-creating represents the Seeds Of Light awakening within US!

As a Labyrinth Facilitator, the gift of this sacred geometry has unlocked paths filled with intergalactic vistas. Like the threads that weft and warp, the message of this new journey connects all to the global community of : : Stay the Course, Trust the Wisdom that arises, and Lead with Love.

Blessings from The Path!

Begin Within

Daily introspective journeying, is a marvelous way to begin each day. When a new message is ready for transmission, my Spirit Guides typically wake me up around 3am, to enter the sanctuary. Using the breath of this body, to relax the mind, I sink into a silent meditative state.

Wrapped in my meditation blanket, I am greeted by the rainbow consciousness.  I’m aware of myself as energy as if I have become a warm pool of light. Resonating in this open space, I AM guided to Source where messages await the download.

Most of the messages arrive as images, like a mirage slowly appearing on the horizon. And as that process takes time, my earthly body may become fatigued, and my guides will send me a message to go lay down.

From here, the rite of passage begins as I explore my soul with the eight colors of the rainbow as my guides.

This new way, that I teach during The Gathering, allows discernment to express feelings and emotions in a safe space. Binaural sounds, like the Solfeggio Tones, create sound healing that supports my autonomic nervous system while I create therapeutic art.

Blessings from The Path,

Sol Artist :: Elisa A Maggio

Channeled :: 8/1/2019

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