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It All Begins With A Seed Pattern

7 Circuit Classical Labyrinth



SOL ART Notes: The 7 Circuit Seed Pattern, when drawn creates a 7 circuit Classical Labyrinth that can be “walked” with your eyes, fingers, or feet!

I have a big love affair with creating art! I love the medium of clay! There are are no limits to creating with clay! When I was a little girl, clay was my first medium – explored through earth’s soil and sometimes mixed with rain! After completing the Veriditas Summer School program to become a Labyrinth Facilitator, I happened to notice that most of the jewelry or renditions of this sacred geometry highlighted a completed Labyrinth as the main symbol.  As we were learning about Labyrinths, the instructors kept repeating that ” it all begins with a seed pattern” .

My first thought why aren’t there more seed patterns out there to remind US that the SEED is the beginning of LIFE, the beginning of an idea – that’s how the seed pattern pendant came to be! WE are planning to have 3 circuit seed patterns during the fall of 2020!









By Elisa :|: Maggio

Clay Pendant

2″ Diameter

porcelain / stoneware

kiln fired & glazed

Ready to Wear


Birthed 2019







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In honor of our friend MER, who succumbed to complications from COVID19, a portion of the (sale) per painting will be gifted in her name to her favorite camp.  We are currently eyeing a pink bench, as it was her favorite color! She was 41 and beloved by ALL



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SOL ART PAINTINGS : | : This Art is for Sale – by BID ONLY!

During our time home beginning March 2020, the sentient community of Elements made us aware of how visible light (color) has the opportunity to offer healing energy for those who seek it. As part of our mission to bring our vibe and tribe to the earth, we believe the art can support you and we want to make it (easily accessible) for you & your budget.  Own a piece of our SOL HE ART!

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** At the end of each month, we will select the highest bid per weekly image, notifying the winner at 7pm on the last WEDNESDAY.

NOTE : BIDS End at 4PM on the last Wednesday.

Each Week, on Thursday, a new image will post for preview online, (via social media)

  • As a Registered Participant, you have the opportunity to get a closer view of the SOL ART of the Week by ZOOM session
      1.   for a special message about the ENERGY with unique details, and
      2.   a chance to ask questions on how this SOL ART ENERGY supports you and your life!


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