welcome to my creative sanctuary

“As far back as I can remember . . . art was the doorway into my imagination,
poetry and paint, the keys to healing and the brilliance of a rainbow to guide the way”
Universal Archetype of Self Worth :: Sacred Heart :: Soul ART © 2015

I am pleased to announce my paintings are for sale! They are the newest addition to my life long exploration of creating by touch.

Through my company, Touch The Earth Healing Arts, our services include: spirit-guided workshops, body-mind wellness, and animal sitting care & companionship.

Soul Art designed products are available for purchase through VIDA and Etsy. For a price list or to learn more about each service, follow the links below.

“As the warm paint slides into my hand a kaleidoscope of memories becomes pressed against the canvas inviting my soul to speak honoring the sacred within the canvas is turned in a circle.”

:: Sacred Heart :: Soul Art ::
© 2015


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